How to Give a Cat a Pill

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When it comes to having to give your cat a pill, he or she can be a real “pill.” Nevertheless, giving your cat his medication when needed is very important. I always like to tell any animal that it hurts me more than it’s going to hurt them.

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Game of Catch

The first step is catching the cat. Once you’ve caught your cat, there are a couple of strategies for giving a cat a pill. You can look for a long pill dispenser that has a plunger and put this in your cat’s mouth. You can also find a similar type of plunger at the vet’s office for giving liquid medication. The old trick of hiding the pill in food if your cat is a big eater may work too.

Open Wide!

If you must resort to the old fashion technique, face your cat forward, kneeling on the floor with his body between your knees, using gentle pressure to keep him tucked in. If your cat is likely to use his claws, use your knees to block his front legs, crossing your ankles to block your cat’s other escape route from behind. Encircle your cat’s head from the top by placing the palm of your hand between his ears and your thumb and middle finger on either side of his mouth. Apply gentle pressure on both sides of his mouth, then tilt his head back so that his eyes are looking at the ceiling. This should cause his mouth to open slightly so you can deposit the pill on his tongue as far back as you can. Close his mouth, and gently stroke his throat while holding his mouth shut — this reflex will force him to swallow. Once you see your cat’s tongue, you know the pill is gone.

A Necessity

Just remember, from children to pets to even ourselves, taking medicine isn’t a fun pill or liquid to swallow, but in the end, it’s for our health. So give it to kitty with love, have a treat ready for afterward, praise him, and pray you don’t have a dead mouse on your doorstep from kitty cat revenge!

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