Why Won’t My Cat Use Its Litter Box?

Why Won’t My Cat Use Its Litter Box

It is no secret that cats are very independent animals. If you don’t care much for slobber and long walks then it is probably safe to say that you fall …

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Essential Guide to Cat Scratching

cat scratching

Cats will scratch – it’s a natural behavior; trying to stop them is impossible, you might as well ask a fish not to swim. You see your cat will scratch …

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How to Stop Your Cat Biting

stop cat biting

So you have a cat or kitten that really loves to bite and seemingly for no reason? I have researched some tips that I have found very useful and that …

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What is Cat Spraying? The Ultimate Guide

what is cat spraying

Spraying is quite a normal behavior for cats and kittens whether they are male or female and contrary to belief, neutering will not stop this natural instinct. Your cat will …

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